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African Safari Holidays: Mount Kenya Treks

As an African safari specialist, Doyen Safaris offer exciting and unique holidays that will take you in to the heart of the African bush. Choose from our existing selection of African safari packages, or create your own tailor made itinerary, visiting only the places that YOU want to see.

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4 days: Mount Kenya Trek - Sirimon and Naromoru Crossover

This is one of the most popular routes for those who wish to hike Mount Kenya.  You will ascend through the diverse, breathtaking and sometimes bizarre vegetation zones of Mount Kenya before reaching the hiker's summit - the magnificent Point Lenana.

5 days: Mount Kenya Trek - Up-and-Down Sirimon

Although an absolute joy for all climbers, this Mount Kenya trek is particularly well-suited to those who relish a challenge and love to hike, but don't have much experience with altitudes above 4,000 metres.

5 days: Mount Kenya Trek - Sirimon/Chogoria Route

The trek is a challenge, but once you've begun to experience the sights and sounds of Mount Kenya up close, you'll find that reaching the summit is only one part of this magnificent journey.

5 days: Mount Kenya Trek - Circumnavigation

The sense of wonder and achievement one feels whilst watching an awe-inspiring sunrise from 4985 metres simply cannot be matched.  With this trek, you'll have plenty of time to acclimatise and take in Mount Kenya's flora and fauna, before reaching the glorious peak of Point Lenana.

6 days: Mount Kenya Trek - Chogoria-Sirimon Traverse

For the determined and experienced hiker this route is supremely rewarding.  You will spend your first days on a challenging ascent to the base of the high peaks, before reaching the summit on your fourth day. 

5 days: Mount Kenya Trek - Up-and-Down Chogoria

Expect a tough start with this climb!  On this route, the ascent to the lower peaks is steady and longer, and can be a real test of personal fitness.  Perfect for those hikers who relish a real challenge!