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People & Culture

Masai jumpingTanzania’s culture is made up of many different influences, including Arabic, European, Indian and of course African. The main language spoken in most parts of Tanzania is Swahili, this language has borrowed pieces from many of these different influences to arrive at its current state. English is spoken very much as a secondary language in the more popular tourist areas of the country.

One of the most interesting cultures of Africa is the Masai people. These tribes still live true to their origins and ways, and have not let the outside influence of the Western world effect them. The Masai people are known for their trademark red robes and magnificent jewellery. They have many traditional ceremonies that involve singing, dancing and the famous jumping of the warriors to show off their strength.

Another traditional tribe of Tanzania which still live by their own ways is the Hadzabe. These people are nomadic and rely on skills such as hunting to survive. The language of the Hadzabe people is unique in the fact that it includes a number of clicks.