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Mount Kenya Trek - Up-and-Down Sirimon

From: $793 per person (5 days, 4 nights)


Tour Highlights

  • Opportunity to see a spectacular African sunrise at 4,985m (16,354 feet)
  • Pass through everchanging landscapes - from boulders, moorlands and forest
  • Wildlife and bird watching opportunities enroute
  • Less strenuous than other routes, allowing time for acclimatisation
  • All transfers included
  • Flexibile bookings - you choose the dates

Dizzy New Heights

Although an absolute joy for all climbers, this Mount Kenya trek is particularly well-suited to those who relish a challenge and love to hike, but don't have much experience with altitudes above 4,000 metres. 

Generally considered to be less strenuous than other routes, this trek follows the same route up and down, making it the perfect choice for large groups where some hikers may wish to wait at lower camps whilst the rest reach the summit, then rejoin the group on their descent.

However far you decide to go, this trek is rewarding and awe-inspiring every step of the way.  You will marvel at the MauMau Caves, where Kenyan guerilla fighters, battling for independence, hid out during conflic with their British colonial masters.  And from the 50-year history of the Mau Mau Caves, you will then turn to face the ancient wonder of Mount Kenya - the primeval forest, the bamboo belts, the tussock grasses, streams and valleys, the tumbling rocks and finally the cap of permanent snow as you reach the peak.

Mountain Accommodation

Unless preferred, camping is not necessary as accommodation is available throughout the trip. 

Your first night will be spent at the Mountain Rock Lodge, a charming and atmospheric establishment which has long been providing the perfect base for Mount Kenya trekkers.  You can spend the evening relaxing, perhaps in front of a fire or playing a little pool, and generally resting before your challenging trip.

The following nights will be spent in the Old Moses Hut, where guests can camp in the spacious grounds or sleep in the comfortable dormitories, and at Shipton's Hut, nestling amongst the rocks and giant groundsels - the perfect place to spend an exciting pre-summit night.
This private tour is completely customisable - you can change the duration, where you visit and the hotels you stay in - just let us know what you'd like to change when you get in touch with us.

Day 1: Mountain Rock Lodge

Lunch and Dinner
  • Transfer from Nairobi in the morning, arriving at base camp for lunch
  • Nature walk lasting 3-4 hours through the forest to the MauMau Caves, former hideout for Kenya's pre-independence guerilla fighters who battled their British colonial masters
  • Dinner and overnight at Mountain Rock Lodge

Day 2: Old Moses Hut (3,000m)

Full Board
  • Depart at 10am for transfer to Sirimon Park Gate
  • Hike through montane forest, bamboo and rosewood up to the Old Moses Hut, gaining 700m in elevation in 3-4 hours
  • Dinner and overnight at Old Moses Hut

Day 3: Shipton's Hut

Full Board
  • Depart early and ascend through moorlands, taking in the stunning scenery and strange flora along the way
  • Trek through Mackinder Valley and take a brief stop for lunch and to appreciate the views of the main peaks
  • Gain 900m in altitude in approximately 7 hours
  • Dinner and overnight at Shipton's Hut (4,200m)

Day 4: Summit at Point Lenana

Full Board
  • Pre-dawn attempt at the summit begins at 3am.  Hike 3-4 hours to reach Point Lenana, at an elevation of 4985m, in time to watch the sunrise
  • Take in the stunning views, sometimes even of Mount Kilimanjaro miles to the south on a very clear day
  • Descend back to Shipton's Camp for breakfast and a day of rest and relaxation
  • Dinner and overnight at Shipton's Camp

Day 5: Nairobi

Bed and Breakfast
  • Descend to Sirimon gate for vehicle pick-up and transfer back to Nairobi

~ END ~

Wildlife you might see

During your holiday you will have the chance to see the animals pictured below - unfortunately we can't guaruntee that you'll see all the animals, but hopefully the photos will give you an idea of what to look out for!

Cape Buffalo
Cape Buffalo
Black Kite
Black Leopard
Black leopard
Black-and-White Casqued Hornbill
Black-and-white Colobus Monkey
Black-and-White Colobus Monkey
Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater
Giant Forest Hog
Giant Forest Hog
Grey-headed Kingfisher
Hartlaub's Turaco
Hartlaub's Turaco
Oliva Baboon
Olive Baboon
Red-fronted Parrot
Red-fronted Parrot
Silvery-cheeked Hornbill
Silvery-cheeked Hornbill
Sykes' Monkey
Sykes' Monkey

Prices for this tour

2 - 3 people: $1,001 per person ... book now4+ People: $793 per person ... book now
* Prices may fluctuate if flights are included in the package. Please for more information. Ref: MKC5

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is one of Doyens resident Safari Experts and he is ready to talk to you about this tour! Click the link below to get in touch:

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Contact about this tour

is one of Doyens resident Safari Experts and he is ready to talk to you about this tour! Click the link below to get in touch:

E-mail: info@doyensafaris.co.ke