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Mikumi National Park, Tanzania

The size, ease of access from Dar Es Salaam and favourable comparison with the Serengeti National Park, all combine to make Mikumi National Park and increasingly popular safari destination, and the ideal choice for a short getaway from Dar Es Salaam.

Mikumi National Park is actually part of the wider ecosystem of Tanzania’s largest game reserve – Selous – and therefore benefits from the huge amounts of game resident there.  The Big Five – leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo and rhino – can all be spotted within the 3230 kilometres squared of this national park.  Along with its more famous cousin, Lake Manyara, this is one of the only places in Tanzania where lions can be seen exhibiting unusual tree-climbing behaviour.  Other wildlife resident here include giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, kudu, impala, baboon and various bird species, such as lilac-breasted roller and bateleur eagle.  Mikumi is also a great place to see the impressive eland – the world’s largest antelope.

The landscape is similarly diverse.  The popular centrepiece of this area  is the Mkata Floodplain – the area which so often draws comparison to the world-famous plains of the Serengeti.  It is dotted with acacia, baobab, doum palm and tamarind.  There are also some areas with fantastic and dramatic rock formations.

Photos of Mikumi National Park

Sunset at Mikumi National Park
Sunset at Mikumi National Park
Elephant Family at Mikumi
Elephant Family at Mikumi
Alert Zebra at Mikumi National Park
Alert Zebra at Mikumi National Park

Tours and Safaris to Mikumi National Park

Best of Southern Tanzania
days from $3,630 per person
Mikumi Fly-in Safari
days from $993 per person
Tanzanian Camping Safari
days from $3,320 per person

Hotels in (or near to) Mikumi National Park

Vuma Hills Tented Camp
Mikumi National Park

Wildlife you can see in Mikumi National Park


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