We had a fantastic Tanzania safari and can't wait to go back! Doyen Safaris took care of everything and we highly recommend them.

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Private Safaris

At Doyen Safaris, all of our tours are private. Many other tour operators will bundle groups together in order to cut costs, but a lot of freedom and the magic of the experience can be lost as a result. With our private safaris you can expect:

  • Looking through binoculars on safariPrivate transfers via car
  • Only members of your group in the vehicles while on safari
  • More flexibility & freedom while on safari (stop as long as you want to watch the animals!)
  • A personal touch from your tour guides
  • You pick the travel dates – unlike other tour companies, we do not mix groups together which would force fixed travel dates

Booking a safari through Doyen Safaris will ensure that your holiday is private, exclusive and customised to your exact requirements.


Contact about our tours

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