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Tanzania National Parks, Game Reserves & Conservancies

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Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area

Northern Circuit

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most wondrous places you will ever visit.  Part of Tanzania’s Crater highlands, the main focal point of the area is the Ngorongoro Crater – 260 kilometres, lush and green, ancient, and the scene ... read more

Serengeti National Park

Northern Circuit

The Serengeti is without doubt the world’s most famous wildlife reserve.  The name Serengeti actually derives from the Masai world meaning endless plain.  The wide open landscape (12,950 square kilometres of it, in fact) stretches on and ... read more

Lake Manyara National Park

Northern Circuit

We feel that Lake Manyara is the perfect introduction to the beautiful country of Tanzania, which is why so many of our safari programs start there.  In a way it is a microcosm of everything Tanzania has to offer – natural beauty, amazing wild... read more

Tarangire National Park

Northern Circuit

Upon entering Tarangire National Park for the first time, the vast baobab trees which pepper the landscape will be the first thing to catch your eye.  But, once you’ve gotten used to the initial shock of a giraffe or even an elephant dwarfed b... read more

Arusha National Park

Northern Circuit

Often overlooked in favour of the more famous Tanzanian national parks, Arusha is stunningly beautiful and a very rewarding place to visit.  It offers an astounding diversity of landscape and array of wildlife just 40 minutes from Arusha town, a... read more

Mikumi National Park


The size, ease of access from Dar Es Salaam and favourable comparison with the Serengeti National Park, all combine to make Mikumi National Park and increasingly popular safari destination, and the ideal choice for a short getaway from Dar Es Salaam.... read more

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

Northern Circuit

Colobus and Sykes’ Monkeys, myriad bird species, darting duiker, giant lobelia and groundsel plants, volcanic rock draped with lichen, wild alpine flowers, hanging glaciers and barren snow – all this to take in for the determined hiker that takes... read more

Ruaha National Park


Rugged, rough, and wildly romantic, Ruaha National Park is unparalleled in terms of unbridled wildness and austere beauty.  This park is still accessible, however, and perfect for those adventurous safari-goers who long for a taste of the real A... read more

Selous Game Reserve


Located in southern Tanznaia, Selous Game Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and vast wildlife sanctuary totalling 50,000 square kilometres.  Many amazing wild creatures are found in abundance here, amongst the dramatic and wild landscape w... read more


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