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Clothes to wear in Kenya

The weather and climate in Kenya varies widely due to its diverse geography, but the country can generally be divided into four zones. Depending on the time of year most of these four zones (the plateau of Western Kenya, the Rift Valley & Central Highlands, the semiarid bushlands and the coastal region) experience some rainfall, so it is worth bringing a jacket and a sweater in case of unexpected rain or a dip in temperature. Other than this light clothing is generally recommended.

Clothes to wear in Tanzania

The weather in Tanzania can range from 10-23°C depending on the time of year. It is advisable to pack for both hot and cold weather outcomes, so taking a warm fleece and pair of long trousers is advised as well as plenty of t-shirts, shorts and a large hat that covers your head and face from the sun.

Men on safariIf you are planning on going on safari, try to stick to earthy colours – browns, beiges, greens and khakis – or you may attract a little too much attention from the animals! Short sleeve shirts, t-shirts, shorts and trousers are ideal. Women can wear shorts and skirts out on safari, but should dress more conservatively in predominantly Muslim areas. Don’t worry though ladies – swimwear is perfectly acceptable on the beach and in hotel grounds.