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The usual lines of communication, such as telephone, fax, telegram post and internet are all available in major cities and tourist spots. In rural areas, international calls are made through the operator, but direct dialling is available to many countries in bigger towns and cities. If making international calls from Kenya or Tanzania, you must start the call with 000, then the international dialling code for the country you’re calling. The international dialling code for making calls to Kenya from another country is 254 and 255 for Tanzania – these codes are not necessary for other calls within these regions.

Mobile phoneMobile telephone coverage is based on GSM 900 network, though this coverage may not reach beyond major cities, main highways and popular game reserves. You are however advised to check beforehand whether your GSM phone is usable if you are traveling outside the main urban centres. You can obtain a GSM card that will allow you to make international calls to any country.