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Safety & Security

Kenya and Tanzania are both comparatively safe African destinations, but there can be a few pitfalls. Following a few simple rules, mainly based on common sense, can help you avoid problems.

Pick pocket signTry not to carry your valuables (cameras, jewellery, large amounts of money) around cities and towns with you. Pick-pocketing and bag-snatching are probably the most common crimes in these countries. Try to avoid getting in the midst of large crowds, and if you do start to feel uncomfortable or concerned, simply duck out and wait in a cafe or shop for a little while.

When you first arrive, try to avoid the temptation to get exploring straight away, or get distracted by all the exciting things around you; wandering around with your luggage and a look of wonder on your face is the clearest signal you’ve only just arrived. Similarly, walking down the street reading a guidebook or map could also attract unwanted attention.