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Insurance & Health

Insurance & Health

We strongly advise you take out an comprehensive insurance policy before travelling to Africa. Should you fall ill during your vacation and need treatment, the last thing you would need is to be faced with a huge medical bill. Make sure that your policy covers you for medical repatriation (emergency evacuation) as medical facilities can be very limited outside of major cities.

Malaria tabletsSeveral vaccinations, including hepatitis A, typhoid and yellow fever, are needed before a visit to East Africa. We would also advise you to start a course of anti-malaria tablets a few weeks before your visit. Contact your GP four to eight weeks prior to your trip to find out which injections you need, where to obtain your medication and when to start taking it. Your doctor can give you an International Certificate of Vaccination – this is mandatory for entry into Kenya or Tanzania as proof that you have had your yellow fever vaccination.

Aside from the illnesses mentioned above, there can also be a lesser threat from diseases such as cholera or schistosomiasis. The risk varies depending on whereabouts you will be travelling and the activities you’ll be taking part in, so ask your GP for information on this. On a more severe note, please also be aware that HIV/Aids is an issue in many African countries, so be sure to exercise all the normal precautions to remain safe.

SPF 50 sun LotionGenerally speaking, a lot of illnesses can be avoided by taking simple precautions. This can be anything from drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration, using high SPF sunscreen such as factor 50 to avoid sun burn or sun stroke, and avoiding swimming in fresh water. Upon arrival, it’s a good idea to find out the contact details of the local emergency services and the local hospital, should you need them. Chemists stocking your every-day toiletries and over-the-counter medicines can be found in major towns.