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Visas & Customs

Kenya Visas

Kenya flagA single entry business / holiday visa currently costs $25, £20 or €20, and can usually be obtained upon arrival by air or road for most nationalities. However, keep in mind that, depending on the kind of tour your choose, this might not be the right kind of visa for your trip. You could need a multiple entry visa (for example if you enter Kenya by air via Nairobi, take a circuit tour to Tanzania, and re-enter Kenya by road.) These cost £30. You might even be able to take a transit visa, which cost only £10, $10 or €10. In order to qualify, you’ll need to be staying in Kenya less than 7 days, and enter and leave through different border posts. For the most up-to-date information, contact your nearest Kenyan embassy, as requirements can differ depending on where you are from. If you are obtaining your visa on arrival, ensure that there is sufficient space in your passport for it – if your passport is already full you will be refused entry.

Tanzania Visas

Tanzania flagTo travel in Tanzania you will be required to obtain a visa at your arrival point. This will cost $50/ $38 if you hold a European passport, or $100 if you are an American citizen. You will also be required to fill in a form with details such as your name, address, length of stay and purpose of stay. The customs officer will then take you picture and add your visa sticker to a blank space in your passport.

Customs & Border Posts

Kenya/Tanzania BorderThe major crossing points between Kenya and Tanzania are Isebania and Namanga, which are open 24 hours a day. Other crossings include Lunga Lunga and Taveta. The Ethiopian border post of Moyale is becoming increasingly dangerous because of civil fighting. The border was closed for a while but has now reopened. For those with four-wheel drive vehicles, a more adventurous route to the west near Lake Turkana is quite popular. Ask the locals for advice before trying this route. There is no border post on either side of the border crossing so you’ll have to get your visa stamped in Nairobi. Malaba and Busimia are the main Ugandan border posts. At present there are no overland crossings with Somalia and Sudan as it is not safe to cross unless part of a refugee convoy.

If you have more questions about visas ahead of your Tanzania or Kenya safari holiday, then contact us for more information.